At Ekotech we pride ourselves in giving customers with resources. Please find here a small selection of information about our services, products and technologies.

We FOCUS on SOLUTIONS for the Environmentally oriented management and investors.

We believe that all the parts provide a better whole, a complete solution.

Our Solutions


Landfill Gas Engineering and Specialties

Engineering Services - Equipment - Technologies. Improve landfill gas and energy production.

Fluid and Gas Control (AVK - Ekowellhead)

Pipe and Valve Systems for Landfill Gas and Liquids Improve production + control of your gas and fluid.

Water Transfer (CFT FLYER)

Water and Effluent Piping and Pumping Systems Fiber-Flex Ultra Light HDPE pipe for Water Transfer.

Effluent Treatment

Best Available Technology for Effluent Treatment. Improve costs and operations- Use Waste-Heat.

Power Generation Biogas

Generate Power from Biogas from Landfills and Biomass. Many years of project experience.

Energy Efficiency Large-Scale

Increase turbine efficiency and production of power. Amazing results with important economic gains.

Hydraulic Stimulation

New Technology with technical improvements worth noting. Small and compact technology with excellent performance results.

Energy thru Chemistry

Improving overall performance of drilling and hydraulic stimulation. Chemistry applied to oil & gas energy exploration and production