Ekotech Energy Solutions

Ekotech Energy presents clients with unique services, products and technologies, all backed by specialists in the Oil & Gas, Solid Waste, Water Treatment, Power and Mining industries.

Our goals are to 1) provide clients with the tools needed to establish profitable and sustainable projects with unique equipment and technologies 2) to work with clients helping to secure funding, environmental leadership and renewable energy credits; 3) present clients with a growing network of local and international specialist, contractor and regulatory agency relationships needed for successful project execution.

Pillars of Excellence

Who We Are

Ekotech Energy is an environmental-solution driven company, working in the Oil & Gas, Solid Waste, Water Treatment, Power and Mining industries. We are actively involved in the emerging markets not only embracing asset development, team sales, and project management but closely working with the market's manufacturers and suppliers.

Ekotech Energy's management team, successfully working together in covering emerging markets for over two decades, are committed to its mission.

What We Do

We market the best technologies for sourcing, transferring, compressing, treating, reutilizing and treating water and effluents.

We offer full lifecycle support to waste operations and bring best-in-class know-how in landfill design, residues and biogas handling, and leachate treatment.

We bring our clients the cutting edge technologies to improve power recovery and reduce waste of useful energy in industrial processes.

We offer high-quality landfill biogas engineering services, products and technologies. From wellhead to burner, we have the whole solution.